Top-hat furnaces

The furnace is used for heat treatment of steel products such as tempering, hardening, normalising, annealing, soft annealing, stress relieving. The bottom (movable or stacionary), which is mounted on the floor, is built up by insulating- and fire resistant-brick or monolith plates.
The top hat is insulated with special insulation materials and needs to be lifted with crane or automatisation mechanism when loading and unloading. On the bottom, guiding profiles is mounted, to force the top hat to be placed correctly on the bottom. The elements are either assembled on the sidewalls or in the bottom. Top hat furnaces are often used for heavy components, where they are loaded with an overhead crane or hoist.
Few models:

Top-hat furnaces without air circulation 0 - 1350° Celsius
Top-hat furnaces with air circulation 0 - 900° Celsius
Furnaces are available in all sizes / temperature and with all special equipment.